Maui Vacation Portraits Slide Show

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rachel's Senior Portraits at Southside Beach - by Chamonix

We were so excited to photograph Rachel's Maui senior portraits last week. Rachel was on vacation in Maui with her family and decided this was the perfect opportunity to be photographed. We met her at Southside Beach and we played on the beach, climbing on the trees and posing with the tropical cacti. It was fun seeing all the different outfits that she brought along with her for her shoot but we had to narrow it down to just three. We especially loved her gorgeous red summer dress which blew in the breeze when she stood in the sand. So pretty! Thank you so much Rachel and family for choosing Maui Vacation Portraits. It was a pleasure to meet you and we hope you had a fabulous time in Hawaii!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bennett Family Portraits at Honua Kai Resort - by Chamonix

The Bennett Family was running around the grounds of the Honua Kai Resort when we walked up to greet them with our camera. They were celebrating a special Thanksgiving together that doubled as a big family reunion in Maui and a perfect excuse for family portraits! The four 'Bennett Boys' are all grown up and were surrounded by their parents, wives and children. It was so fun to see these three generations together and to see how a family with four boys has grown and expanded. Thank you so much Bennett family for choosing Maui Vacation Portraits. We hope you had a fabulous time in Maui!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Friesen Family Photo Shoot at Makena Big Beach - by Chamonix

The Friesen family met us at Makena Big Beach for their Maui photo shoot! We were playing out in the sand and waves, spinning around, making goofy faces and jumping 100 times to try and get that one successful jumping photo (haha). Our favorite moment during the evening was definitely when little Sammie started hugging her brother and giving him kisses all over his face. We couldn't stop laughing as she smothered him with at least fifty little kisses. The sunset that night was spectacular, turning the clouds every color of the rainbow. Thank you so much Friesen family for such a fun photo shoot. We hope your time in Maui has filled you with wonderful memories. Thank you so much again for choosing Maui Vacation Portraits!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Teter Family's Maui Portraits at Wahikuli Park

We met the the Teter Family at Wahikuli Park for their morning portrait session. This big family trip to Maui brought three generations together. We're so excited that they were able to include a photo shoot into their vacation because we love capturing these special moments for families. It was so beautiful seeing them all together beneath the tall palm trees that were glowing with the warm tropical sunshine. And of course we always love playing in the water! We especially loved seeing the children walking hand-in-hand with their grandparents through the waves. Thank you so much Teter Family for choosing Maui Vacation Portraits! It was wonderful to meet you and we hope your portraits will always remind you of this wonderful vacation together!